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India Tax Filing

YesMyTaxes, with a processing center in India, also files Indian Tax Returns for its US clients who are required to file Income tax returns in India also. An individual taxpayer who is either a full year non-resident/ part year resident of India during 2013 tax year may still need to file the tax returns in India.

Below are some of the potential situations which would need you to file tax returns in India.

  • • The taxpayer may receive Wages/Salaries in India for the period while he was residing in USA during 2013 Tax Year. (This may be applicable for the taxpayers who are Indian Citizens and deputed to the US employer location/client locations)
  • • The taxpayer who earns Interest or Dividend from any source in India.
  • • The taxpayer may have a property (residential or any other propery) in India which was let out during 2013 tax year and receives rental income.
  • • The taxpayer may have a property which was sold in the tax year 2018 at profit/loss.
  • • The taxpayer made stock transactions during the year 2018.
  • • The taxpayer being a partner in any partnership in India, also need to file the tax returns in India if they receive any income from it.

Helping you to get PANcard in INDIA


  • • To file tax returns in India.
  • • To open a bank account or D-mat account in India.
  • • Purchase and/or sale of property in India
  • • Purchase and payments of vehicles
  • • Making time deposits in a bank worth over Rs.50,000
  • • Investing in securities per the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
  • • Investing in Mutual Fund schemes for all existing and prospective investors